December 2017 Newsletter

Check out the articles in the new December 2017 issue of “Live from Palestine,” the ISM-NorCal newsletter, or download the PDF copy to save or print. H2, The Belly of the Beast The 2017 Meeting of ISM International Chapters Bad News: ISM-NorCal is the funding pillar of ISM-Palestine Nakba Tour Lets Palestinian Refugees Tell Their [&hellip

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The 2017 Meeting of ISM International Chapters

This year, the ISM met in Jordan for its first international meeting in more than a decade, and its first truly international meeting ever. (The first was held in London and was heavily British in attendance, as one would expect.)

Nine countries, including Palestine, were represented, with no more than three from any one country.  In that sense, it was a true representation of the ISM international community.  We agreed that it is worth doing again, possibly every two years.

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Nakba Tour Lets Palestinian Refugees Tell Their Story

Last month at New York University’s Furman Hall, Palestinian refugees Khawla Hammad and Amena El-Ashkar spoke about their experiences being driven from their homes to refugee camps in neighboring Lebanon. The discussion was the fourth in their two-month “In Our Own Words: Voices from the Nakba” national tour, which includes 14 stops along the East Coast and in parts of Canada.

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H2, The Belly of the Beast

The first thing you notice is the smell.  A tart, dung-like odor caused by raw sewage rolling down the street outside Checkpoint 56 (56), also known as Gilbert, rolls down the street towards us.   A sewage pipe broke weeks ago and remains unfixed; Israeli permission required.  The people, including the elderly and small children, jump over it without batting an eye.

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I Will Not Move Until I Die

By Richard Hardigan March 2017 October 21, 2016, marked the first anniversary of the death of the Palestinian doctor Hashem al-Azzeh. The proximate cause of his demise is in dispute. Was it excessive tear gas inhalation, or was it the chest pains he had been feeling earlier on that day? Perhaps it was a combination [&hellip

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