Hurriya Fair Trade Za’atar


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Palestinians gather wild thyme – za’atar in Arabic – from the hills of Palestine, as their ancestors did in biblical times. It is mixed with roasted sesame seeds, sumac, and sea salt, then eaten with bread dipped in Palestinian olive oil for a tasty breakfast.

Many of these hills have been confiscated by Israel for Jewish-only settlements, and are dangerous to approach, thereby reducing land available for traditional Palestinian agriculture.

Canaan Fair Trade Co., ( certified by the Palestinian Fair Trade Association, brings this za’atar from Palestinian co-ops in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The PFTA promotes economic partnerships based on equality, justice, and sustainable agricultural practices.

The sale of this za’atar also benefits the Palestinian producers and the International Solidarity Movement, which sends volunteers to Palestine for nonviolent resistance against Israeli land confiscation and military occupation.

125g (4.4oz)