olive oil 750x3

Hurriya Organic Extra Virgin Palestinian Fair Trade Olive Oil 750ml, 3 bottles


This oil is the product of millennia of olive cultivation by Palestinian farmers. Its distinct flavor is highly prized, and comes from the soil of Palestine and the trees developed there.

Canaan Fair Trade Co., (www.canaanfairtrade.com) a supplier certified by the Palestinian Fair Trade Association, brings this oil and soap from Palestinian producers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The PFTA promotes economic partnerships based on equality, justice and sustainable agricultural practices.

Many of these trees no longer exist. More than 2.5 million olive and other fruit trees have been destroyed by Israeli forces confiscating the land for Jewish Settlements.

Proceeds from the sale of this oil benefit the Palestinian producers and the International Solidarity Movement, which sends volunteers to Palestine for nonviolent resistance against Israeli land confiscation and military occupation.