Nov. 17 and Dec. 1: ISM Newsletter Parties to Support Palestinian Grassroots Resistance

NOTICE: November 17 party CANCELLED due to air quality. December 1 party moving forward!

Saturday, Dec. 1
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Grassroots House
2022 Blake St.
Berkeley, CA (near downtown Berkeley BART station.)

Come out to help support Palestinian grassroots organizing and resistance! We’ll be packaging the ISM Norcal newsletter’s latest edition, hot off the presses, for shipping to thousands of supporters across the country.

We’ll also be cataloging and organizing our Palestinian products, like za’atar, directly from Palestinian farmers confronting and resisting land confiscation. The newsletter is one of ISM’s most important educational and fundraising tools, and the Palestinian products will be sold with other items to raise money and awareness for ISM work.

Last year, ISM Norcal sent $12,000 worth of cameras to Palestinian organizations documenting human rights violations. Every month, ISM Norcal donations go to sustain the work of ISM Palestine as well as supporting the work of the International Solidarity Movement in bringing international volunteers to Palestine to support nonviolent resistance.

Can’t come? You can shop or donate on line!