The Spectacular North America ISM Tour

Photo: Gandhi’s Be Magazine


ISM volunteers are getting in to Palestine.  The other NGOs are honest about their intentions, and Israel turns them away.  We lie about our intentions and we get in.  Sorry, but that’s what we have to do.

But our supply of money and volunteers is very low because people are beginning to forget who we are and what we do.  So we decided to do a major promotional and recruitment tour in North America. Speaking on the tour have been ISM coordinators Rana Nazzal and Islam Maraqa, and long term volunteers Katie Miranda and Joe Catron.  By the time you read this, the tour will have done 28 different presentations from Halifax, Nova Scotia and Edmonton, Alberta to Claremont, California, Boston, Massachusetts and Birmingham, Alabama.

But we’re broke!

The tour definitely gave us the outreach we wanted, and we are receiving volunteer applications.  But it cost tens of thousands of dollars, and we’re currently more than $10,000 in debt as of this writing.  And ISM-NorCal is still committed to sending money to Palestine every month, in fact hoping to triple our commitment so as to equip the ISM organization there with the staff, facilities and equipment to be more effective than ever.

So please help.

We welcome your contributions, but can you do a local fundraiser for us?  Approach a foundation?  Rob a bank? (OK, disregard.)  We’re going to try to replicate these efforts in other countries that have ISM support groups, but right now ISM-Norcal is the engine that needs to run the first leg.  Please help as much as you can.  Thank you.

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