You can help keep Palestinian olive oil flowing – and sustain grassroots resistance

Olive oil is part of the rich lifeblood of the Palestinian agricultural economy. Some of today’s still-standing olive trees in Palestine are over 3,000 years old. Palestinian farmers have developed sustainable, indigenous farming practices that continue to this day. Indeed, the cultivation and processing of olive oil also plays an important role in defending Palestinian land – and Palestinian agriculture – from settler attacks and land confiscation.

At ISM-NorCal, one important way that we support natural Palestinian agriculture is through the sale of Hurriya Olive Oil, fair-trade and organic olive oil harvested, processed and created by Palestinian family farmers. The delicious, pure flavor of Palestinian olive oil is held by many to be the finest in the world. And beyond the culinary benefits, buying Palestinian olive oil helps to support the steadfastness of Palestinians on their land, facing occupation and settler colonialism.

ISM-NorCal needs to order $14,000 of olive oil from Palestine and spend another $4,000 to bottle that oil and make it suitable for your table. Because our olive oil sales go to support the ongoing work of the International Solidarity Movement in Hebron where settler attacks have been ongoing and growing. We need your help today, to allow us to continue to support Palestinian farmers and nonviolent resistance programs.Your donation can help keep Palestinian olive oil flowing on tables around the world – and help Palestinian farmers maintain their land and generations of indigenous practices.

Our Hurriya Palestinian Olive Oil is popular, and we need to restock and bottle more olive oil! Due to the restrictions imposed on Palestinian fair-trade olive oil producers, we can only order a significant amount of olive oil at one time. When we buy olive oil from Palestine, the funds go directly to sustaining nonviolent resistance, the Palestinian economy and grassroots family farmers.

Your donation today can help us continue to bring Palestinian olive oil to the United States. Click here to donate online! In addition, you can also support ISM and Palestinian farmers by buying Palestinian olive oil at our ISM Palestine Shop

Thank you for your support and solidarity! 

The ISM-NorCal Team