The Northern California International Solidarity Movement Support Group offers periodic trainings for those who are contemplating joining the nonviolent struggle in Palestine.

We need office and field volunteers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. You can help provide protection during non-violent demonstrations, resist home demolitions and land confiscations, accompany children and patients to school and hospital, remove roadblocks, or just share time with Palestinians, listen to them, witness, and help ensure that their voices are heard.

In the trainings you can expect to work collaboratively to address topics including those listed below and more:

The meaning of non-violent direct action in Palestine.

The logistics of planning a trip to Palestine.

  • How to cope with stress and trauma.
  • Affinity group formation and consensus decision making for solidarity work.
  • Cross-cultural issues for U.S. internationals traveling to Palestine
  • How to do successful, productive Media work

Please contact us for information on the next training.


The International Solidarity Movement Support Group of Northern California is offering partial travel sponsorships for individuals interested in going to Palestine with the ISM. The minimum length of stay to receive a grant is three weeks.

People of color, older people, and people with financial hardships that prevent them from being able to travel to Palestine are strongly encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to activists with special skills (media, medical, Arabic language skills, grassroots organizing skills) or people who are able to stay in Palestine longer term (at least one month).

The goal of the sponsorship Program is to broaden participation in ISM to work in solidarity with the non-violent resistance movement in Palestine. The ISM is a Palestinian-led coalition of International and Palestinian activists who take non-violent direct action to confront the Israeli occupation.

To receive an application, please fill out this form.